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My college group

My college group

I am a part of a group of talented students and our goal is to produce a game for our final project/assessment. We have already created some prototypes: a dragon action game, a FPS and lastly a stealth game. We have elected to go on with the dragon game, you can view its progress on our group blog.

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  1. لطفا دقت کنید با حجم درستش و بدون تغیر فرمت فایل ریخته باشید ، باز هم چک کنید و در صورت اطمینان مجددا اعلام بفرمایید اگه این ارور دائما تکرار میشه .

  2. Ciao Limo, scusa ma parli come se quando si ospitano le “teorie alternative” le si offrano su un piatto d’argento…Non ne avete mai vista, ad esempio, una sull’11 Settembre tipo su Fox News?Ad esempio, in una delle ultime sulla CNN il conduttore nel finale ha distribuito un paio di “nutjob” ed ha chiuso senza far replicare..

  3. je ne vais meme plus tester ces « sent bon » vite fait, mal fait, vite vendus et rapidement oubliéspar contre, escale a porto fino m’avait beaucoup plus, peut etre pour l’été ?

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