Game Jam – November 2014

Start of the level

Start of the level

My college, AIE, was holding a game jam event for the weekend of Halloween. The theme was ‘I think I’ve been here before’. Jess and I had to decided to team up. We had been discussing designs to try and she wanted to try and recreate Icy Tower. After playing it I thought it would be achievable to do in the 48 hours we would be given.
When I say I thought it was achievable, I mean to say that the base design and features would be possible.

Those features are:

  • Randomly placed and sized platforms.
  • Level is constrained by 2 walls.
  • Moving the player sideways and bouncing/jumping off the walls, making you jump higher depending on the speed you’ve built up.
  • Score system.
  • Life System.
  • Ghost System – When you die/fail, you leave a ghost behind. If you can get back to the area you failed at, you can touch the ghost to reclaim your lost points. Similar to Dark Souls! We did this to correlate with the theme of being there before.

Icy towers features many different platforms such as platforms that drop when you jump on them and platforms are invisible. It also features a moving camera that the player has to keep up with, or they will fail when they go off screen. Our game has the one platform type: the branches. They are limited to being attached to the bases of the trees. We wanted to include clouds as the player got higher but time did not allow it. Our camera also only has one function, which is to follow the player, unless they fall down.
We also wanted to build it to our phones but we just left it with a PC build. I’m going to port it to the phones another time. I’ve since created a web build which you can play right here.

We were pretty happy with the resulting game, it had animations, sound and a never ending level. We finished comfortably with about an hour to go before the submission time, so no stress!

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