My 2015

My year in a nutshell:

  • Quit my IT job.
  • Started and finished a post-grad course in management.
  • Started a games studio/company with fellow graduates.
  • Almost released our first product to the world.

The post-grad course I graduated from was run by AIE. It was called Incubator. We were in a semi-formal office, with other groups and companies that were making their own products. In our time there we did a Vocation Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning). It took us through researching market/industry trends, prototyping, pitching, production, business automation – a whole lot of very useful stuff. All the while, we were producing our very own product. A huge bonus being in the Incubator was grant money, given by the college. We used this to pay for an accountant to set up our company and for traveling to PAX, in Melbourne (where we showed our game). We also used it for renting our Google cloud server.

It was a great year, nothing really seemed to go bad for me now that I’m looking back on it. I met so many awesome people and made loads of business contacts in Melbourne, attending GCAP and PAX. A representative from a publisher showed great interest in the game, if we have a good soft launch we may be working out a deal with them to really push it in the market.

I haven’t posted here for a while, not about the game or even the company, so expect to see more posts very soon about that. According to the stat tracker, I had over 700 views for the year… that’s a lot more than I expected. Now I’m definitely going to post more often this year!

So, here’s to an even better year!

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