I have another exciting year to enjoy, mostly due to the fact that I’m releasing my first commercial product to the mobile app market. It’s also scary because if it doesn’t get anywhere on the app market, we’re going to have to make the next game on another small budget and probably making something not that great, just to put something out to make money – that’s not what you get into game development for (well, I didn’t). Not to mention sacrificing your lifestyle to fund it.

Anyway, less negativity and more happy thoughts, please!

I have been doing some freelance work on and off while I’ve been working on the company’s game, that’s been alright. We might refocus the company to do freelance work after this game as well if we feel the need.

I’m thinking of putting together some projects in my spare time, either continuing the RTS, or making a Tower Defence, or some physics mechanics for a hover car like in Wipeout and Star Wars: Podracer. Work on the companies game is only going to get busier so I may not even find the time till after its release. We’ll see.

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