Jump High, Don’t Die

If the window does not load, you need to download the Unity web player plugin: Windows | Mac You will most likely have to reload the page, too!

Game Jam, November 2014 (48 hours). Theme: ‘I think I’ve been here before’.


  • Patrick Bertoldo (me!) – Programming
  • Jessica Bull – Art
  • Shane Miranda – Music

The theme for this Game Jam was ‘I think I’ve been here before’, so we created a ghost at the spot where the player last failed, so they had the chance to reclaim their points and continue. The faster the player is moving sideways, the higher their jump is. They can also jump into the trees and bounce quite high off them, which is the most effective strategy. You can bounce between the trees but eventually you will come to a stop and you’ll have to land on the branches and gain more momentum from there.

The idea is that the player scales the two trees as high as they can until they fail. The trees have 7 branches and 4 hulls that they randomly generate as the player gets higher and higher, so one run is never the same. The branch lengths also vary, although not by very much. I wanted to make the lengths vary more but I ran out of time trying to line up the branches to the trees after scaling them (sounds simple in theory). I also wanted to give the branches random spread from each other but again there wasn’t enough time. We spent the last hour making sure everything worked and we still haven’t found any bugs since we submitted it! (Edit: I found just found a major one while I was porting it to Android… oops).

I blogged about this game jam over here.

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